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4chan Raiding Update

As I am mildly familiar with how /b/ and /pol/ like to do things, I decided to jump onto 4chan to see if they’re planning more.

FYI, they’re planning more.

As you can see in the above picture, their next plan is to flood the Doctor Who tag, along with the other tags they are already targeting, when the new Doctor Who is released. This post already had fourty or so replies, and the vast majority were agreeing with it.

Beware, Whovians, and every other tumblr user.

I do not suggest retaliation, as those people over on 4chan are pretty messed up in the head, of course, and doing so will only feed them. Do not engage them, as doing so can make you a target in and of yourself. Report and block them as necessary.

Take care and stay safe, tumblr.


Thanks to mathematicpony, the way I eat pudding has been forever revolutionized! After showing her that I could lick my elbow (due to my double-jointed shoulder and long tongue) she was like, “Wow! It must be so easy to eat a pudding cup without a spoon!” and I was like “WAATT I HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS.” so I did and it is amazing. 8D

My poor, puny tongue is not particularly punctual when it pertains to perpetuating the partaking in of petulant pudding.

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